Carry Bag for Ashford Knitter’s Loom

March 22, 2022

This sturdy canvas bag is padded and will carry your Knitter’s loom in style.  It has four pockets to carry an array of weaving tools and has nice shoulder straps. 

Boat Shuttle Bobbins

Boat Shuttle Bobbins

November 21, 2021

You can never have enough bobbins for your boat shuttles.  We have bobbins for both Ashford and Schacht boat shuttles.  Sold in packages of 10.

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Handi Handle

June 1, 2021

Use this “Handi” Handle to loosen or tighten the tension on your Ashford Looms.  Place the Handi Handle over the existing nylon knob on your loom and turn gently.

Available in Small and Large sizes.  Comes one to a package.  Picture shows front and back of the handle.

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Heddle Threading Hook

September 9, 2020

Threading hooks make threading your rigid heddle or table loom easy and convenient. Plastic handle with metal hook. 8.5″ long from tip to end. Has the perfect angle for warping any loom!


Tapestry Bobbins

July 9, 2020

Ashford tapestry bobbins for use on all your tapestry loom, rigid heddle looms and weaving frames. Smooth lathed solid wood. 2 pc set.


Ashford Pick Up Sticks

June 30, 2020

Add texture and visual appeal to your weaving!

Use pickup sticks to create additional sheds for double weave, patterns, and textures in your rigid heddle loom weaving.

Ashford’s Pickup Sticks are made from solid wood and feature a tapered point perfect for picking up individual threads. Convenient holes are located at each end to secure your picked up threads with a safety string to create different sheds.



Ashford Bobbin Winder

June 29, 2020

Perfect for winding bobbins for the Ashford boat shuttles.
Tapered stainless steel shaft, nylon bearings, fast 12:1 ratio and natural timber finish. Includes clamp.

Ashford Shuttles

Shuttles from Ashford

December 17, 2019

Beautifully shaped and well balanced shuttle, now available in two sizes. Made from Silver Beech hardwood, smooth lacquer finish. Includes one nylon boat shuttle bobbin.


Bobbins from Ashford

December 17, 2019

Bobbins for your Ashford boat shuttles.  Either the paper or the nylon bobbins come in packages of 10.


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