Hardwood Spindle Support Bowl

November 27, 2019

This is the perfect addition to your Tahkli spindle!

The Tahkli is commonly known as a support spindle because a bowl is used to support the spindle as it spins.

Lightweight and portable, this hardwood hand lathed bowl goes anywhere you want to spin and protects yourself and your furniture from sharp spindle points. (Also, your spindle can turn more quickly since there is less friction!


Tahkli Spindle

September 20, 2019

Tahkli spindles are ideal for spinning cotton or other short stapled fibers because they are engineered to spin very fast.  These Tahkli spindles are made of metal with a brass whorl that is well weighted.  Use this support spindle on a bowl (wooden, ceramic or glass), the table top or your thigh to support the spindle as it spins.  We have a lovely wooden one (click here).


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