Rainbow Unicorn Embroidery Scissors

September 22, 2020

How adorable are these!

Perfect to keep next to your loom, in your sewing basket, or even to give as a gift to the unicorn lover in your life!

4in Length, high quality, stainless steel blades.
Sharp points allow for delicate cutting and trimming.


Polka Dot Embroidery Scissors

September 16, 2020

We love these little Embroidery Scissors with Polka Dot Patterns!  3-3/4 in (9.6cm) in length.  Comes with their own Leather Sheath to help keep them sharp. Perfect for snipping your weft threads as you weave.  Come in 4 colors.  Choose your favorite color and keep a pair by the loom!


Victorian Style Embroidery Scissors

September 9, 2020

These scissors are classy and stylish!  They feel good in your hand and are super sharp.  3 1/2″ in length, Victorian Style,  Choose Red, Pink or Purple handles.  in color with stainless steel blades. Includes a leather sheath to maintain the lovely sharpness.   You will want to keep a pair next to each loom and one in your sewing bag.


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