Kitchen Set with a Sense of Place

September 20, 2019

Weave a whole set for your table with one loom set up!  Create 4 placemats and 4 napkins as well as a dishtowel.  The placemats are woven in rep weave, and the napkins and towels can be woven in plain weave, twill, or block weaves.  All you have to do after weaving the napkins and towels is to resley your loom to narrow the warp for the placemats. You can weave these on 2, 4, or 8+ harness looms.  Available in 4 colorways.

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level for this kit is Intermediate to Advanced (Two fish). Instructions included for 4-8 shaft looms.  Can be woven on a 2 harness loom if desired.

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