Ya Gotta be Warped to Weave Workshop


Learn to warp with ease and grace from the back with a raddle cross with our own Michele Belson.

Michele will teach you the warping method, with some extra Lunatic enhancements, championed by Jim Ahrens (one of the founders of AVL Looms) and his student Peggy Osterkamp (author of Weaving for Beginners). Because learning takes repetition, during the class you will put two short, narrow warps on your loom: one pre-wound to familiarize you with the process and a second you wind yourself.  This will be an on-line class.

Choose a class and a colorway for your pre-wound warp and yarns from the lists below. Scroll down for more information.

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Learn to wind a warp with a raddle cross, transfer the warp to the loom with the crosses secure, load the raddle, beam the warp, thread your heddles, sley the reed and finally tie on with minimal loom waste.

This class is all about the process of warping.

During the class, you use short, narrow warps with a minimum of warp ends so that you can focus on the process of warping your loom.  At the end of the class, you will be more comfortable with getting a warp on your loom, and if you choose to weave in between the class sessions, you will have a pile of mug rugs (coasters) ready to give away as gifts or to use at your next party.

We will provide all the yarns that you need to get 2 warps onto your loom, and the yarn to weave those warps if you choose to do so ($35 value).  These materials are included in the fee for the class.

This is a virtual class and will be held via Zoom.  The class will be recorded, and you will have access to the videos for 2 weeks.

You will be working on your own equipment at your home. You will need to have:

  • A shaft loom (this class is not designed for rigid heddle looms) with at least 4.5″ weaving width
  • Raddle:  commercially made or home-made
  • Warping board or reel
  • 10-dent reed
  • Boat shuttle and bobbins for fine weft and a Rag, Ski or Stick Shuttle for heavy weft
  • Threading and Sley hook

We currently have a September Class scheduled.  For each class there are 3 days scheduled:

Class September:  September 20, 22, 26, 2023

  • Day 1 (September 20):  3:00 — 6:00 pm Mountain Time
  • Day 2 (September 22): 10:30 — 4:00 pm Mountain Time (This will be broken into segments so you will have time to complete the class assignments during the day)
  • Day 3 (September 26):  5:00 pm Mountain Time

For the yarns that we will be providing, we have 4 colorways for you to choose from:

  • Prairie (Neutrals)




  • Mountain (Purples)



  • Caldera (Reds)



  • Ocean (Blue Greens)


If you are unable to attend the class, we will refund $50 up to 30 days before the class.  After the 30-day mark, there will be no refunds.

Meet Michele:

Michele Belson

Michele Belson is an original Lunatic. She is a weaver, stitcher, business owner, teacher and has been playing with bits of string and cloth for more than half a century. She especially loves helping weavers get warped to weave with a minimal amount of stress.


May-June, July, September, October


Prairie, Mountain, Caldera, Ocean


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