Lee Surrender Placemat WIF file


Want to weave the Lee Surrender Placemats, and don’t have the time to enter the weaving information your weaving software?  We have done the hard work for you.  Download the full instructions for making the placemats and the full color WIF file, and you can head straight to the loom to start weaving.  Make sure you save a copy of the WIF file and then you can modify it to your heart’s content.


You will have access to two files:  one is the full instructions for weaving the Lee Surrender Placemats from a 10/2 color gamp kit, the other is a WIF file that you can use directly in your weaving software.   The instructions are a downloadable PDF file that you will have access to as soon as you purchase this item.

This full color WIF file is ready to use in your weaving software.  The WIF file format works with all the leading software products.


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