Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler


Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler is a four-shaft weaving course which makes learning to weave, with or without a teacher, easy and fun.


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The writing is friendly and straightforward; the illustrations and photographs are thorough and clear.  All you need to know to weave with confidence is here: Step by step warping (by three different methods), weaving technique, project planning, reading and designing drafts, the basics of the most common weave structures, and lots of handy hints. Beginners will find this book an invaluable teacher; more seasoned weavers will find food for thought in the campers on weave structures and drafting.

Part I: For The Very Beginner

  • Lesson 1- Getting Familiar
  • Lesson 2- Your First Piece
  • Lesson 3- Weaving
  • Lesson 4- Planning a Project

Part II: Now That You Know the Basics

  • Lesson 5- Reading Drafts
  • Lesson 6- Plain-Weave Variations
  • Lesson 7- Basic Twills
  • Lesson 8- Altering Drafts
  • Lesson 9- An Introduction to Other Kinds of Twills

Part III: For Those of You Who Know What You’re Doing

  • Lesson 10- Double Weave
  • Lesson 11- Honeycomb
  • Lesson 12- Loom-Controlled Lace Weaves
  • Lesson 13- Block Theory
  • Lesson 14- Summer & Winter
  • Lesson 15- Overshot




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