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Kaleidoscope Adventure–1 month


Join us on our Kaleidoscope Adventure!

How does taking a  journey into new and unexpected yarns sound? Do you enjoy creating new and exciting projects with delicious yarns? Well, if you’re an explorer, this is the adventure for you!

Because Classic Blue is the Pantone Color of the year, what better place to start than to choose blue as the color for August?  With the color blue dancing in our heads, we roamed along our shelves collecting a bag of premium “goodies” bursting with color! Your bag this month will contain a full cone/tube/skein of Tubular Spectrum mercerized cotton yarn, American Maid unmercerized cotton yarn, Maurice Brassard yarn, hemp yarn, wool yarn all in the color of the month, plus a few other surprises!

Choose our “Treasure Hunter” package to begin your adventure,  or our “Thrill Seeker” package to double your fun!

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You will receive a bag with Retail packaging sizes of different colors and sizes of yarns based on the Color theme of the month.  See below for the Colors and Availability.  (For example in August you will receive, a FULL SKEIN of blue hemp yarn, a full 4 oz of Mercerized blue yarn, etc.)  We aren’t telling you the type of wool (Greenline, Merino, Kokadjo, etc) or the color or grist of the yarns, but you will receive a full retail amount.  It might be 5/2 or 10/2 or 3/2, or some other size. It might be Sky Blue, Cobalt, 10 Blue, or some other mercerized blue yarn. That is the adventure part…you never quite know what will be in the box!  

These are not samples!  We pulled these yarns directly off our retail shelves!

The TREASURE HUNTER bags will contain at least 5 different yarns plus other goodies, and the THRILL SEEKER bags contain at least 10 different yarns plus the other goodies.

Kaleidoscope Adventure Bags will be shipped out once a week on Wednesdays.  As these bags are so adventurous, they insist on traveling to you on their own and will not be combined with other items that you order.

Availability and color themes will be as follows:

August: Blues (Available July 15- September 15)

October: Yellows (Available September 15- November 15)

December: Reds (Available November 15- January 15)

February: Purples (Available January 15- March 15)

April: Greens (Available March 15- May 15)

June: Neutrals (Available May 15- July 15)

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Kaleidoscope Size

Treasure Hunter, Thrill Seeker


  1. C. Doll

    I thought the bag was great. I loved looking forward to it, wondering what yarns and extras would be in it. I loved the pattern you included. I love the warp wrap measure…very helpful and something I would never think of buying. But I have already used it. And the color absorbing sheets are great too. The yarns are of course lovely, and thanks for the sample card of your yarns. Altogether a great collection, and a great idea. Blue is my color so I’m glad I got into the game at the blue beginning!

    Thank you for an innovative idea for the Quarantine era! Well worth the price in many ways.


  2. Amy Z.

    So who doesn’t love yarn in the mail! Love the colors. Everything was high quality. I have never done anything with hemp so this should be interesting. I like thinking up my own projects but suggestions could be helpful. I don’t think there is enough of anything to make a project on my floor loom. Even if I use warp that I already own the fibers, textures and sizes don’t really lend itself to a big loom. I have the Schacht Cricket so will probably use that.

    Perhaps a box with various animal fibers and a different box with various vegetable fibers would be better. I can mix cotton/tencel/hemp or wool/alpaca/mohair/cashmere but not easily mix animal with vegetable fibers on my floor loom. My smaller Cricket should work but not sure what I am going to make.

    My second favorite color is blue; my favorite is yellow so I’m likely to buy the next Kaleidoscope bag and perhaps mingle the two.


    Amy Z.

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