Jaggerspun Merino Collection


We’ve put together some of the most popular colors of Jaggerspun Superfine Merino into collections!  And by purchasing the collection, you will save 10% on each cone.

Each of these collections are ready to be a warm and fuzzy scarf, shawl, or anything you can dream of wearing.  The yarn is soft enough to put next to your skin.

2/18 lace weight, approximately 315 yards per 1 oz cone.

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Superfine Merino yarn, made from fine Australian wool is a soft, elegant yarn. Use it to create clothing of the highest quality. It is a true luxury yarn.

Remember that this wool yarn will full when washed, and felt if agitated.  Do not sett it too tightly if you want to maintain the softness of the resulting fabric and remember to beat lightly. This yarn will felt when agitated in lukewarm water: this makes it ideal for uses in deflected doubleweave structures! Dry clean or hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry. 

2/18 lace weight, approximately 315 yards per 1 oz cone.  We like to sett this yarn at 15-24 epi depending on the woven structure.  Click here for more information about sett and yards per pound. 

If you would like to see additional colors, please see the Superfine Merino page.  We also have color cards available for the Superfine merino yarn. Click here for color cards.

No substitutions for yarns within the collection.  There are no instructions included with these yarns.  What they become is completely up to you!

Made in the US.

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Merino Collection

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