Introduction to Sprang with Carol James DVD


Sprang is one of the oldest textile techniques. Unlike in weaving, no weft is used. The warps themselves are used for the interlacement! In fact, it is classified as braiding, but still gives wonderfully wide and stretchy cloth – ideal for use in comfortable clothing that allows free motion.

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This DVD will teach you:

  • 3 different options for making your own sprang frame
  • How to set up these different frames (warping)
  • The basic interlinking stitch (methods for both right-handed and left-handed workers)
  • How to check your work for irregularities (mistakes)
  • An exercise to prepare you for mistake correction
  • Several finishing methods
    • cut apart
    • squeeze in the last few rows
    • insert a cinch line
    • chain across
    • sew an invisible seam

Table of Contents:


Part 1: Frames and Warping

  • Bentwood Frame
  • Plumbing Pipe Frame
  • Picture Frame
  • Carol’s Frame
  • Warping the Bentwood
  • Warping the Plumbing Pipe
  • Warping Carol’s Frame
  • Check the Cross
  • Left-Handed Warping

Part 2: The Basic Stitch

  • Basic Instructions
  • Left-Handed Instructions
  • Mistakes
  • About the Beads
  • Row Names

Part 3: Working Sprang

  • General Instructions
  • Check for Errors
  • Using Tools
  • Sticky Warp
  • Keeping the 2 Sides Even

Part 4: Finishing

  • Cut Apart
  • Squeezing in the Last Rows
  • Insert a Cinch Line
  • Chain Across
  • Sewing and Invisible Seam

Part 5: More Information

  • Yarn Choice
  • Calculating Size
  • Pinch & Scissors
  • Right Side- Left Side
  • COTIR- Cancel Out The Initial Row
  • Wide Warps
  • Fixing Mistakes



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