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20/2 Goodbuy yarns

20/2 Unmercerized Yarn

November 28, 2019

Get the absolute lowest price on our remaining 20/2 Goodbuy inventory!  We have most of the colors available on Mill cones (the size of the mill cones varies with the color).  If you don’t see the mill cones listed, we are getting low in stock as the remainder is wound up on 1 lb cones.

Millcones- $8/lb, Millcones vary in weight according to color.  1 lb cones- $10/lb



Wrist Ruler

September 20, 2019

You can always have a ruler handy…right on your wrist.  Take this handy ruler with you where ever you go, and it looks good too!


Unmercerized 6/2 and 5/2 Cotton Yarns

September 20, 2019


Weave a baby blanket, a snugly towel to dry off after a swim in the pool, or any other of your favorite unmercerized cotton fabrics.  These economical yarns are good for lots of projects! Laurel is the only color currently available in 5/2. All colors are available on 1 pound cones.  Sett these yarns at 16 epi for lace weaves, 18-20 for plain weave, and 20-24 for twill weave structures.

The Sustainable white cotton is our own American Maid cotton yarn.  We have this yarn in stock all the time.  The other yarns are labeled as Goodbuy cottons and are mill ends.  We have a limited supply of these yarns, and will not be able to reorder them once we sell out.



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