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Unmercerized 8/4 Cotton Yarn

September 20, 2019

8/4 Unmercerized Cotton Yarn, also known as “Carpet Warp” is the traditional favorite for warp in rag rugs, and a very popular choice for rep rugs and place mats. The tight twist and low elasticity makes it a good choice for rug warp.  It is also ideal for making string heddles for your inkle loom, a spare drive band for your spinning wheel, or any other use where you need a tightly spun yarn.  Please note that this yarn is not as strong as seine twine.

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Unmercerized 20/2 Cotton Yarn

September 20, 2019

Buy 6 Cones Get One Cone FREE!

On sale for only $10.50/lb, but if you order 6 cones, we’ll throw another 1 lb cone (of our choice) in for FREE!

Unmercerized yarns weave into lovely hand and dishtowels, soft and cozy fabrics for your favorite shirt or jacket, or many other soft and absorbent uses. All colors are available on 1 pound cones.  Approximately 8400 yards per pound. Sett these yarns at 30 epi for lace weaves, 36-40 for plain weave, and 36-48 for twill weave structures.  And double them to make 10/2 working ends.  Set those doubled ends at 24epi and make the softest towels you can imagine!


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