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Enchanted Windowpane Towels

September 20, 2019

Combine a 2 ply hemp warp with 5 colors of 10/2 American Maid™ naturally colored cotton to weave 5 lovely fingertip towels (finished size approximately 13” x 24”).  The hemp yarn is manufactured in Romania, and we make the American Maid™ yarns from cotton grown here in the American west and spun in the US.  When you wash the finished towels with baking soda, the color of the naturally colored cotton yarns will deepen.  The green cotton is especially affected by the alkalinity of the wash water. And, the colors will deepen over time.

Project Description:

  • 5 fingertip towels
  • 20 EPI, 20 PPI
  • 15” wide in the reed
  • Warp length 6 yards

Equipment Needed:

  • 4-shaft loom with at least 15” weaving width.
  • 10 dent reed.
  • A stick or boat shuttle and bobbins

Contents of Kit:

  • 1- 1.5 oz cone 10/2 American Maid unmercerized cotton yarn each: Natural White, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Brown, Light Brown
  • 1- 400g cone: 2 ply Hemp (Natural or Bleach)

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Intermediate to Advanced (Two fish). This is a Four harness kit.


Natural and Bleached Hemp Yarns

September 20, 2019

Hemp is the next big yarn.  This 100% Hemp yarn is a long line wetspun yarn with great drape and longevity. It comes in a range of sizes:  thick 6 ply that is wonderful for rug or tapestry warp as well as lovely placemats; 2 and 3 ply that is great for towels and clothing; and a 1 ply (singles) yarn that is the thinnest hemp yarn available and are available on 100g or 400+g cones.  The yarn is slightly slubby as a result of the spinning process. We have this Romanian grown and spun hemp yarn available in 4 sizes and either bleached or natural to fit your needs.  If you would like colors, we have them available in 3 ply yarns.


Hemp Poetic Placemats

September 20, 2019

Guess who’s coming to dinner? 4 easy and elegant hemp placemats for your next entertainment event. extend your education using classic hand-manipulated lace edge embellishments. The poet e.e. cummings would have wanted to get a loom just to weave these elegant placemats!  Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Intermediate to Advanced (Two fish). This is a Two harness kit.  Instructions for both Rigid Heddle and Shaft looms.


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