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Jaggerspun Zephyr Collection

September 20, 2019

We’ve put together some of the most popular colors of Jaggerspun Zephyr into collections, and you save 10% on the price of each cone!

Each of these collections are ready to be a cozy scarf, shawl, or your special creation!

2/18 lace weight, approximately 470 yards per cone.


Zephyr – Wool and Silk Yarn

September 20, 2019

This luscious yarn combines the beauty of silk with the warmth of wool to produce a yarn that is lightweight and lustrous.  We currently stock it in 2/18 weight yarn.  All colors are available on 1.5, 4 oz, 8 oz or 1 lb cones, approximately 5,040 yards per pound. If you don’t see the color you want, we can special order it for you.


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